After School Taekwondo


Your child will get an alternative to traditional school after school day care programs.  Our program provides your child a Taekwondo Class daily, supervised homework time, and organized activies daily. 






These classes are deisgned to teach you Taekwondo, with curriculum including: Footwork, Striking, Kicking, Blocking, Forms and Weapons.  Our program teaches students to not just learn self defense, but also to build self esteem and confidence.  Our goal is to make sure each student believes in themselves and learns a different way of life...the martial way.



High Octane


Our sport program has been recognized as one of the best in the country.  Here we coach athletes to reach their competitive goals internationally.  Our athletes have gone on to represent countries such as:  USA, Switzerland, Puerto Rico and more.  Ask how you can become the next National champion.


Summer Spring and Winter Camps     

These camps provide your child a structured fun environment to spend their time over non school periods.  Field trips, movies, games, and skill building! All our children have a great time doing various activities while learning Taekwondo, sportsmanship, and values.


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