Master Toby Oliver - Certified 5th Degree Black Belt, and Level 2 USA Taekwondo Certified Coach (the highest currently available), Master Toby is Southwest Florida’s Highest certified Taekwondo coach.  Master Toby has developed hundreds of athletes into State, National, and International Champions.  He has been honored with serving the United States as a National assistant coach, as well as his home state of Florida as the state team coach.  Master Toby has a passion for developing students into champions, nothing makes him more proud than seeing a student reach their full potential.

Ms. Nikki Martinez- Certified 3rd Degree Black Belt and a retired Professional Taekwondo fighter. Ms. Nikki competed for Olympic Committee of Puerto Rico and is a Pan American Games Silver Medalist, a World Championships participant, and has traveled and fought in over 20 countries. Born and raised in Florida, Ms. Nikki is also the Head Program Director for both locations and works everyday to make your taekwondo experience better. 

Master Larry Gant- Certified 4th Degree Black Belt. Master Larry has spent the entirety of his life working towards perfecting every technique he has in his arsenal. Master Larry has dedicated his time to all the students that he teaches daily. He is a strong instructor who is a great mentor to any student. 

Mr. Luke Brunner- Certified 3rd Degree Black Belt. Mr. Luke has spent the better part of his life focused on all competitive taekwondo. He has been a member of the High Octane program for 4 years and his primary passion is competitive Olympic Taekwondo. 

Mr. Sam Toms- Certified 3rd Degree Black Belt. Mr. Sam is a WCT Veteran. He began his taekwondo training with WCT when he was 6 years old and has flourished into a strong instructor with excellent technical skills. Mr. Sam has been a member of the High Octane Program for 8 years and has competitive goals. 

Mr. Antonio Rodriguez- Certified 1st Degree Black Belt. Mr. Antonio is also a WCT Veteran cialis. He started his Taekwondo journey when he was 10 years old with WCT and has grown to be a wonderful instructor and a strong member to all students. 

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